About South Long Island

Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge is located in a small bay appropriately named Paradise Bay, at the southern tip of Long Island, which is one of more than seventy National Park islands in the Whitsunday group. The lodge and guest excursions are an example of ecotourism and nature based holidays at their best.

Long Island is one of the largest and most densely forested islands in the group - being 9km long and up to 2km wide, consisting of 1,215 hectares of uninhabited National Park. There are 2 resorts at the north end of the island, which are more than 7km from the lodge, and cannot be reached by walking, as the island is ruggedly mountainous and covered with dense sub-tropical rainforest of rich variety and diversity - including large stands of Hoop Pine, Milkwood trees and Solitaire Palms.

The Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge is on a 3 hectare site which is independently owned and operated by a private Australian company (Ecoventure Pty Ltd) committed to environmentally sustainable tourism (ecotourism). It consists of only ten private water front cabins plus an open beach front gazebo, where meals and drinks are served from an adjoining self serve bar and shop. The gazebo contains comfortable cane lounge chairs, a small library, public telephone and an adjoining open fire pit. There is no television, room phones, air conditioning or laundry.

The surrounding rainforest covered hills, teeming with native bird life and agile wallabies, create a unique natural amphitheatre. Combined with the view of the setting sun over the turquoise coloured water of Paradise Bay, it is no wonder that guests are mesmerised by the mystical atmosphere of the Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge.